Metin Group

Our company was established in 1994 and started its activities with international shipping. Erenköy Customs Directorate in 2000 by opening a warehouse attached to the type of activity the logistics – Warehouse and free storage expanding with our company customer-oriented solutions and services continues.


We run your transportation for your business design and delivery process.


Our vehicles are regularly exhaust emission measurements are performed.

The Right Equipment

It is our job to use the proper equipment and vehicles to carry your load.

Save Time

Shipping time to us for a quick and healthy prefer.

Heavy Haulage

We produce custom solutions for heavy loads and large scale.

Job Security

In all our processes, our employees are expected to abide by the safety rules.

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Our Services

Since we are able to undertake every detail of our customers’ specific logistics and transportation needs, Metin Group is always at your service with its experienced staff.

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Shipping To Country
Vehicle Fleet
Qualified Staff

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