Complete Transportation

Metin Group and its employees for many years has accumulated the experience that the founders of the FTL provides the best service in the area. Customers like the company all that it has given to transportation services, this service the item in a safe, efficient and economic transport of most of the principles is to prioritize.

When you receive complete transportation services from Metin Group, it is fast and trouble-free to transport your products from one place to another without stopping.

What is Complete Transportation Service? In which situations would it be more advantageous to benefit from this service?

Complete Transportation is referred to as FTL worldwide. This abbreviation stands for Full Track Load. When we look at the Turkish equivalent, it means yük the load that completely covers the load carrying capacity (weight and / or volume) of a vehicle (truck, van, truck etc.). Above name, if you have a freight transport process that will fill a transport vehicle completely, the most sensible way to use is the complete transport service.

The main reason why this service is advantageous is that a cargo that you normally send with piece-by-piece cargo service is transported to its destination at one time and without stopping. Using the complete transportation service will give you an advantage in terms of cost, time and speed. You can contact us by using our communication channels for more detailed information.

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